IPM at a glance

Structure and content of the course

The curriculum is composed of about 55% technology, 33% management, 6% project work, 6% legal topics and 1% personality, healthcare, environment and safety.

International Project Management of Systems Engineering is a two year master’s program with the aim of completing a master’s thesis in cooperation with the industry in the fourth semester. The curriculum contains technical subjects as well as management classes. This combination has two main advantages. On the one hand, management methods are understood as the main purpose of education and on the other hand, technical knowledge and expertise is necessary for the correct control and proper management of plant engineering. In order to successfully manage a major project, it is necessary to understand what should be built, what should be produced, how it works substantially, which technical problems and requirements may come up during the construction process and how those can be solved.

For the reasons mentioned above, subject content in the area of technology and management methods is planned. Beyond that, students are expected to further develop their own personalities. This is achieved through:

  • Taking on various responsibilities
  • Having meetings and discussions with scholars and professionals of the subject area as well as the public sector
  • Critical approach to the subject content
  • Practical experience in leadership as well as technology and management


On those grounds, the students are taught in the form of seminars, self-taught-study and hands-on-lessons. Furthermore, sensitization to the current working situation will be developed and problem solving competences will be learned through exemplified overarching topics (topics containing several different subjects).


Example for a timetable of the 1st Semester

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